Welcome to TEIES.

TEIES represents Trace Elements Inc. in Spain .

Trace Elements, Inc, is an international laboratory and nutrition-consultant company that under the concept ”Balancing Body Chemistry” provides doctors and therapists with partly high-class hair analysis and special designed nutrients.

The founder of Trace Elements, Inc., Dr David L. Watts is internationally a much esteemed name in nutrition research, and is hired as lecture-speaker in the whole world. Dr. Watts international greatness gives further guarantee for Trace Elements highly put quality demands.

Dr. Watts has worked clinical with nutrients in more than 20 years. Over the past 18 years his research has focused on studies on tissue-mineral pattern in human hair. Trough studies of more than 2000 analysis he has demonstrated the relationship between minerals, vitamins and the neuroendocrine system. He has also categorized vitamins, minerals, herbs, food, water and medicines in specific categories depending on their metabolic effect. His research has led to the development of individual mineral patterns associated with different illness symptoms, metabolic types and even psychological features.

Dr. Watts has published more than 50 scientific articles. Today he works as head of research at Trace Elements Inc. that is world leading when it comes to “Balancing Body Chemistry” and is represented in more than 46 countries.